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Mackenzie’s Trip to Florida

Recently my family and I went on vacation to Orlando Florida! I wish I could have packed you all in my suitcase and brought you all with me because you would have had so much fun.

We went in Florida’s dry and cool season which is from October to April but it was between 80 and 91 degrees all week. When it was really hot we would go for a swim. Here is a picture of one of our pools. Orlando Florida is  located in the United State of America. Florida’s nickname is the “Sunshine State” and Orlando’s nickname is”The Theme Park Capital of the World. They gave Orlando this nickname because it has ten theme parks. While we were there we went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The estimated attendance per year at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is about 17.2 million. Did you know that Mickey Mouse has more than 290 outfits or that Cinderella’s Castle is 189 feet tall. Here is a picture of it.


We had so much fun , my favorite ride was Areil’s Grotto!


I can’t believe how many weird looking birds I saw the funniest looking one was the Sandhill Crane here is a picture of it.


I thought it was a statue until it moved! I also got to see a real wild baby alligator by one of the lakes at my resort. It was scary but our shuttle driver told us all that Orlando is mostly wetlands like lakes and swamps so they see them all the time. Here are the wetlands.


I hope one day you all get a chance to visit Florida!
From Mackenzie


All About Yappy

By: Caylee & Awatif

For those of you who don’t know, YAPPY is an acronym about internet safety. Here’s what it stands for:

Your full name

Address or location


Phone number

Your personal info or financial info

It’s not safe to share your info (or Yappy) online. We learned that you shouldn’t trust people you just met on the internet. You never know what they can do. They might steal things if you give them your location, they might hack into your account if you give them your password, they might pretend to be someone you know and trick you if you give them your phone number. There is lots of things people can do with your yappy. Also, if you bump into a friend online make sure it’s them. Ask the person questions that only you and your friend would know. So, to put it all together, be safe on the internet. And remember………



Thanks to Mrs. Yollis for creating the YAPPY idea!

Recorders of Learning – Terry Fox

Dear visitors,

Our school did a Terry fox fundraiser for the Terry fox run. If we raised 500 dollars the students would have to shave Mr. C’s hair. 1000 dollars to shave Mr. S’s hair and 2000 dollars to shave Mr. Adams’s hair and beard. Our school raised 1820.45 dollars and ran 921 laps total. When the teachers hair was going to be shaved the gym got really loud. Everybody yelled shave their heads! What did your school do for Terry fox?


From Pavlos and Diti

Recorders of Learning – SNAP

By: Mackenzie and Kirsten

This past week we got a special presentation. The presentation was about SNAP! SNAP is a great tool to use when you have a problem with someone. SNAP is to be used when someone is annoying you or making you frustrated. An example is if someone took your pen and they wouldn’t give back. That is when you would then use snap.

S- stop

N- now

A- and

P- plan



Now And


-walk away (critical moment) -walk away
-take a step back -keep things small -play with someone else
-snap your finger -choose a good plan -ask an adult for help
-put your hands in your pocket -think about the consequences -tell the person how you feel
-count to ten find something else to do  
-self talk
-take a deep breath

Thank you SNAP for your help! You can visit the website at:

Always remember to use SNAP!