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Classroom Happenings up until Sept 26

In reading we have begun learning about a reading strategy system called CAFE.

C – Comprehension

A – Accuracy

F – Fluency

E – Expand Vocabulary 

We will be learning a variety of strategies to help us in each area. Last week we learned:

Comprehension – Check for Understanding

Who is it about? What has happened to far?

Accuracy – Cross Checking

Does the word I’m reading match the letters or picture? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

We added them to our CAFE board:


Here are some of us practicing our strategies:

image image

We have also been exploring a variety of apps we will use to present our research and thinking this year. Right now we are learning how they work. Some of these include Google Docs, Google Slides, Explain Everything, iMovie, PicKids, Mindomo, Glogster, ThingLink, and Book Creator.


In Math, we have been comparing and ordering numbers. The students are getting better at using place value to help them do this.

image image image

First Week Highlights

Brainstorming ideas about what students would Iike to see happen to create a smooth running classroom. Great ideas!


Beginning to learn French with Madame.image

Morning ice breakers to get to know our new classmates. Apparently I must see The Secret Life of Pets!


We will be learning lots of math through problem solving this year. This week we are practicing the process.


Learning About Growth Mindset

Can you recreate this with a single piece of paper?


Here is the language I heard while students tried to do this…


Then we watched this to start our conversation…

Stay tuned for updates on this post.

Welcome Back!

Here we are! Back to school! I had a great summer. I hope you did too.

I am so excited for our first day. Like most students, I too get the first day jitters. The night before, I lie awake anxious with anticipation for how the first day will go. What will I wear? Will my students enjoy me as a teacher this year? Will I remember to say I the things I need to tell them? Have I got everything ready? etc.

The grade four teachers and I have had several meetings over the summer to plan and get ready for what we will teach. We even did some hands on research. Here’s a sneak peak…

image image image image

Here is a copy of the letters that went home with students today. Remember to subscribe to our blog (over on the top right) and to download and join Remind for @dav4

What do you get most anxious about before the first day of school?