Valentine’s Post Office Writing

To put practice applying our recent sentence writing lessons, we wrote letters for our school Valentine’s post office today.

As you may know, the grade 7 and 8’s have organized a Valentine’s post office. Students can purchase stamps for 10 cents to have a kind letter sent to another student in the school. The money raised will add to our fundraising causes that support school needs, such as buying technology or special class supplies.

We will add names to our letters on the last day before the post office closes. Our letters will be sent to grade 1 and 2 students who did not have a letter mailed to them by a friend. This way we helped have fewer students feel left out. I have purchased enough stamps for each student in our class to create one of these letters. If you wish to contribute to our class’ good deed, please feel free to send in some change and we will add another letter to the pile. Any support is appreciated.

We still have a few corrections to make before they can be sent out, but here are a few examples of what we started.

For those who wish to participate, we will still do a regular Valentine exchange in our class on Valentine’s Day and have a small celebration. Here is a list of our class names:

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