Monthly Archives: November 2017

Spectacular Science- Exploring Pulleys and Gears

In science, we are sometimes able to borrow fantastic learning kits from HWDSB’s Kit Services. Some of them are in hot demand across the boards schools, so we can’t always be too picky about when we get them.  This week we put our study of Habitats on hold to jump into our upcoming unit of Pulleys and Gears. These amazing LEGO kits have kept our class super engaged. Through these kits, we have explored different types of gears and pulleys. We have looked at how they make things move and how they make work easier. 

Math Test Questions

Here are some sample answers from our most recent math test. Hopefully this will help shed some light on the various strategies your child might be trying to use. Please sign and return the test if you haven’t already. I will send it home again promptly so you can use it to practice further if your wish. There will be more opportunities this term for the children to demonstrate their subtracting and problem solving skills. Your child can let me know on Monday if they feel they need to do a retest

Classroom Happenings-Loving Literacy

We have been working to expand our vocabulary and improve our spelling during word work. We have added new words like agile, exclaimed, balance, and biome to our vocabulary.

Here students are sorting words with vowel-R combinations. We talked about how vowels with r can sometimes sound the same, such as -ir (girl), -er (nervous), -or (working), and -ur (purple). We also looked -ar and -ir, and noted how the sound changes with another vowel like -ear in hear and -air in pair.

In writing, we are pulling apart and ordering stories to better help us understand how we organize writing in this form. We are working to ensure our story beginnings have well developed characters, descriptive settings, and a problem or action that will move us into the middle of the story.