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Hi! I’m Mrs. Davies and I LOVE TEACHING!

2009-10 School Photo001

I am a teacher with the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board in Ontario. I have teaching for 13 years in the primary and junior grades and have also worked in a literacy coaching role for two years with teachers and students in grades K-8. This is my sixth year at Ridgemount. After teaching grade 4 (or 4/5) for the past 5 years, I felt it was time to mix it up.  Lucky for me, our principal was happy to grant my request. I am thrilled to be working with our grade six’s this year.

I have completed my three part Specialist in Reading as well as my three part Specialist in Information Technology in the Classroom. I am a lifelong learner and continue to develop my knowledge of children and teaching through courses, professional book clubs, self guided PD, professional inservicing, and professional networking around the globe. I’m excited to continue exploring literacy, numeracy, and global issues with my students through the use of technology, inquiry based learning, and stressing critical thinking.

As I am always learning myself and working to improve my teaching approach, I am so pleased to have such wonderful students each year who are willing to learn alongside me. Having taught many of this years students before, I know it will be an exciting year.

My Motivations

As you might have guessed, I’m passionate about developing students curiosity and drive to learn. I LOVE READING AND WRITING AND I LOVE HELPING STUDENTS GAIN NEW KNOWLEDGE!!! I feel strongly that we as teachers must adapt our teaching to meet the needs of our students. Students today are surrounded by social media and other fascinating technological advancements. Many of them will graduate and obtain jobs that do not even exist yet. We must prepare them to be adaptable; and while we’re at it, we better find exciting ways to engage them. I have found that all students by the grades 4 and 5 level have been using the internet in some manner (whether their parents want them to or not).  I know this is definitely the case by grade 6! I hope to bring 21st Century learning to my students to inspire, enlighten, and excite them about learning and school. I also hope they will let me learn alongside them and from them so that I can make my teaching better everyday.

A little more on the personal side…

I am a mom to two beautiful little boys who keep me hopping.

My oldest son is now six and in grade one this year! He is my little miracle. He was born at 24 weeks gestation, and was just 1lb 7oz (699 grams). He beat all the odds! After spending every day with our son in the NICU at our local children’s hospital for four months, my husband and I value time with family more than ever. He is my inspiration to ensure every child, regardless of ability (or disability) receives my love and the best of my teaching.

My little big man at almost one month old



My youngest son is three and a half. He is the one who keeps me on my toes. He is fast and gets into everything! He has a beautiful smile and playful personality that always melts my heart.

Here they are now with their new cousin!


I LOVE to travel

Things have slowed down now that we’re a family and the costs of children have replaced the travel fund. However, I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places including; Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Africa.

Africa Trip 669

Places I still hope to get to…

Brazil, Peru (Hike Machu Picchu), China, India, Western Europe, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, …okay the list is ongoing. I know, I’ll have to win the lottery to get to all these places, but I’m willing to spend my lifetime trying to see each.

Interests Other than Education (though really everything is about learning)

Reading just for fun! Rec league volleyball, yoga, fitness classes of any kind, feeding my addiction for home decorating programs and magazines, and lounging on a dock by any of Ontario’s beautiful lakes.

16 thoughts on “About Mrs. Davies

  1. Hi Hope,
    I will tell them all hello from you. We miss you very much as well. I saw your other posts on our blog as well. Please don’t be upset, you’re days will get easier. Keep trying to be brave and talk to at least one new person each day. If you keep talking to new people, you will find someone you have something in common with and you will make a friend. Soon enough, your new school will feel like home too. Feel free to send me a personal email any time. chdavies@hwdsb.on.ca
    Take care,
    Mrs. Davies

  2. Dear Hailie,
    You are very welcome. I am so pleased it made you happy.
    Thank you very much for leaving a note on our class blog. It is always great to hear from our students.
    Mrs. Davies

  3. Thank you Mrs. Davies for the Valentines Day card and the heart straw. Thank you too for everything else you have done for us.
    From Hailie

  4. Hi Awatif!

    It seems I haven’t looked at my blog in awhile. Sorry for not replying. I’m back at work now, but haven’t seen you around. Did you move?

    I hope things are well with you.

    Mrs. Davies

  5. Mrs. Davies,
    The school year is coming to an end and I’m sad that I didn’t get to spend it with you. Although it will be really sad when Mrs. Walker leaves, I’ll still be happy knowing that you’ll be in for her. We made her a card but please don’t tell her! It’s a surprise 😉 I hope to see you before schools out. Have a nice day! Bye!

    Your #1 Fan, Awatif
    P.S: I totally understand if you cant reply to this comment ASAP. Taking care of two litle bundles of joy is tougher then it sounds.

  6. Dear Zoe,

    I miss you and the other students as well. I too think of you often. Ms. Williams tells me you are all doing well though, which makes me so happy to hear. I hope everyone is treating her well.
    I am well and have been resting. Luckily, this baby is listening to his mommy and has stayed where he is a little longer.

    Take Care,

    Mrs. Davies

  7. Dear Mrs. davis

    i really miss you i want you to come back to school 🙁 .Im thinking of you every single

  8. Hi Ali,

    It’s so nice to hear from you. I think of you and the other students from last year. I’m glad you’re having a good time at Cardinal. You’ll have to share some of the highlights of your year so far so that our grade 5’s know what to look forward to about grade 6. Please say hi to everyone for me.

    Mrs. Davies

  9. Hi Brandon,
    Mr. Swinarchin and I have been exploring solutions and think we have it worked out. Give us a bit of time to sort it out. We have to set each student up one at a time, but it should work out for you soon enough.

    Mrs. Davies

  10. Hey Mrs.Davies,

    I’ve tried clicking the link but the real issue is, I need my HWDSB login in order to comment.


  11. Hi Brandon,
    Thanks for the comment. Actually, if you look below the posts on Mr.Swinarchin’s blog you should see a link that says “leave a comment.” If you click on this, you will be able to submit a comment to him. Once he moderates (accepts) the comment, it will show up on the blog.

    Mrs. Davies

  12. Hello Mrs.Davies, I was wondering how you made the commenting section possible, my class isint able to comment so i was wondering how did you do it? How did you find the HTML Coding to do this?

  13. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for writing on our blog. It is so nice to have parents writing us. We are wondering what your favourite part of our blog is?

    From 4/5B

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