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How does the bat light work?

More learning in sound and light today. We spent lots of time in the dark today!

We learned that light travels in a straight line. We also learned that light can be stopped (ABSORBED) by some materials. I.e. the bat symbol

We also learned that light can reflect off shiny surfaces and pass through some surfaces.


We used prisms to learn that light is made up of many colours!

Introducing our Science Unit on Sound

On Friday we experimented with making sound and tried to answer the following four questions:

1) How is sound produced?

2) How are low and high sounds made?

3) How does the shape and material of an object affect the sound it produces?

4) In what ways does sound affect our life?

At the end of the unit, we will revisit these questions.

Here’s what our room sounded like. YIKES!!!

Today we learned that sound is vibrations and that you can hear, feel, and even, see sound!

We learned new vocabulary such as vocal cords, sound waves, and molecules.

Habitat Projects

Today students brought their habitat projects home. Please look for the marking rubric that is attached to their report.

It took us many days to get through all 27 presentations and me many hours to mark them all, but we are finally done! It was well worth the effort. Many of our students clearly enjoyed the hands on learning opportunity; applying what they learned about their animals habitat. As well, we learned a lot from our first big research assignment. For example, the importance of giving credit to your sources, putting ideas into your own words, gathering lots of information from multiple sources, and putting your new knowledge together in well written and organized paragraphs. Here are a few highlights:

Both Manar and Ayan did a great job taking notes when researching. Pulling just the key ideas out of a text to make point form notes is an important skill.

Adnan wrote wonderful paragraphs on the positive and negative effects that humans have on the Timber Rattlesnake. I also thought it was a nice added touch that he gave his family credit when listing his sources.

Joel constructed some well informed paragraphs, did a good job incorporating our learning about eco passages from class, and had a nicely labeled food chain.

Elora showed us how easy oral presentations can be when you do your work on Google slides.

(Waiting for shared permission so I can share her work with you here…stayed tuned to edits on this post)

And of course, all of our many amazing dioramas…It was great to see how many students remembered to show all the parts of a habitat: space, water, shelter, and a relationship with specific other animals and plants. Well done everyone. I’m sorry if I missed any. I tried to get everyone’s. If I missed yours here, let me know or send me a picture and I’ll add it in.

Spectacular Science- Exploring Pulleys and Gears

In science, we are sometimes able to borrow fantastic learning kits from HWDSB’s Kit Services. Some of them are in hot demand across the boards schools, so we can’t always be too picky about when we get them.  This week we put our study of Habitats on hold to jump into our upcoming unit of Pulleys and Gears. These amazing LEGO kits have kept our class super engaged. Through these kits, we have explored different types of gears and pulleys. We have looked at how they make things move and how they make work easier. 

Two Weeks In

We have had a great first two weeks! Everyone is settling in nicely. I am very much enjoying this new class and I think they are enjoying me.

We have busy with lots of work reviewing and doing some diagnostic work so I can see where everyone is at. Below is a snapshot. If a child’s face is covered it is because I do not yet have a media consent form. Please send this form in as soon as you can.

We have a new friend temporarily visiting our room. DWEEBLE, as our hermit crab is affectionately known as, is helping to get us excited about HABITATS in science inquiry.

In art we are leading to a bigger project. We have reviewed warm and cool colours, and had a lesson on lines.

In math, we have been reviewing our mental math strategies from grades two and three. Check out all of the different ways our classmates get to an answer in their head! We learned that making tens, looking for doubles, and using friendly numbers like 20 or 30 is efficient. We have also been working on place value, expanded form, standard form, and written form. Today we started rounding, but we slowed down because many students had trouble remembering how to round 2, 3, or 4 digits to the nearest ten. We will work on rounding some more next week. The goal is to round 2, 3, and 4 digit numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand.

In literacy/language we have been building our reading stamina. We have listened to a few read aloud stories and have written our first story. This writing piece is a diagnostic so that I can see where their skills are at and was completed with little upfront teaching. We will be doing more story writing in the next couple of weeks with more targeted lessons.

Here is a shared writing piece we did, modelled after one of the read aloud we heard.

Have a great weekend everyone. Remember to read at least 5 nights a week with an adult. 😃✌️

Welcome to Grade 4

Image result for welcomeWelcome back to school and welcome to Mrs. Davies Dynamic Class! 

Can you believe summer is over? It seemed to go by very quickly for me. With so many cool days, I think it felt like even more of a blip in time. Oh well, fall is always like New Years to me. A time for fresh starts and new goals.

I am so excited for our first day. Like most students, I too get the first day jitters. The night before, I lie awake anxious with anticipation for how the first day will go. What will I wear? Will my students enjoy me as a teacher this year? Will I remember to say I the things I need to tell them? Have I got everything ready? etc.

Mr. Swinarchin and I have been busy planning for this years grade 4’s and we know we’re going to have a great year.

As classroom activities get busy and planning fun things take up much of my time, I have reduced my expectations for this blog this year (for now). I will use this as a place to share some exciting updates and fun times in our class. Sometimes it might only be a picture post, but my hope is that about once a month I can provide families with a small window into our classroom. Please subscribe for updates and poke around the other pages for more information.

Parents: please be sure to sign up for our remind updates (see contact page for more) by texting @davies4a to (289) 275-1476

Here are the links to the handouts that went home on the first day of school:

Introduction Letter

Parent Homework: Getting to know your child


Picture Post

So when things get busy, I fall behind on my blog. Then I avoid it because we have done SO SO much in the classroom and I start to stress about how to share it all. Then I fall further and further behind. Also, reading posts without pictures is boring. Sometimes I’m so busy running around the room helping kids, I don’t get to take photos. Hopefully our remind messages and conversations with your child have filled the gap and given you some insight into all the great learning we have been doing. As always, please remember I have an open door policy. You can come in any day after school to look around or make an appointment otherwise.

In the meantime, I’m going to do a picture post to share some of our many photos over the last few months.

Jump Rope for Heart

Light Inquiry

Ted Harrison Art

Patterns with three changing attributes

example: the pattern changes by colour, size, and shape

Kindergarten Reading Buddies

Upcoming Report Cards

Report Cards are coming home on Friday. A reminder that a B grade means your child is meeting the ministry standard for their grade. One or two Cs may mean they just have a little bit of work to do. They are approaching the required expectations. Focussing on the next steps in the report card comments will help them do better.

If your child is getting mostly Cs or Ds, I have connected with you about this. There are a few parents I was unable to reach. If your child has received several Cs or Ds on their report card and we haven’t talked, please let me know some dates that we could meet. I would like to discuss how we can work together to help your child improve.

I would also like to remind parents that the learning skills are one of the most important sections of the report card. Generally, improving areas covered in the learning skills results in improved grades.  These are great focus areas when filling out the goals page with your child for the upcoming term.

There are no interviews scheduled for these reports, but as always, I am happy to schedule a meeting with you at any point to look at school work or discuss next steps.