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Picture post 5 of 7 – Kids Crawl trip

Be sure to check out the videos at the end of the post.


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Classroom Events Wrap Up- picture post 1 of 7

The next few picture posts will be my final send off to the grade 4 class of 2017-2018. We had a great year. Hopefully the photos will show that. I look forward to seeing you in the halls soon. Good luck to those of you moving schools.

Learning about sound impact from Garrett’s dad and aunt- thanks for sharing your experiences at work!

Learning about some of Canada’s indigenous culture from our guest speaker.

Classroom fun and learning.


How does the bat light work?

More learning in sound and light today. We spent lots of time in the dark today!

We learned that light travels in a straight line. We also learned that light can be stopped (ABSORBED) by some materials. I.e. the bat symbol

We also learned that light can reflect off shiny surfaces and pass through some surfaces.


We used prisms to learn that light is made up of many colours!

Introducing our Science Unit on Sound

On Friday we experimented with making sound and tried to answer the following four questions:

1) How is sound produced?

2) How are low and high sounds made?

3) How does the shape and material of an object affect the sound it produces?

4) In what ways does sound affect our life?

At the end of the unit, we will revisit these questions.

Here’s what our room sounded like. YIKES!!!

Today we learned that sound is vibrations and that you can hear, feel, and even, see sound!

We learned new vocabulary such as vocal cords, sound waves, and molecules.