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Math Test Questions

Here are some sample answers from our most recent math test. Hopefully this will help shed some light on the various strategies your child might be trying to use. Please sign and return the test if you haven’t already. I will send it home again promptly so you can use it to practice further if your wish. There will be more opportunities this term for the children to demonstrate their subtracting and problem solving skills. Your child can let me know on Monday if they feel they need to do a retest

Classroom Happenings

We are continuing to have lots of fun in grade 4! The students have been commenting that they are noticing an increase in the work load and expectations now. Grade 4 is a big jump from grade 3, but they are coping well.

On September 28 everyone worked hard during our Terry Fox run. We fell a bit short of our school goal of $2000, so we will not be throwing tomatoes at Mr. Adams. However our schools top fundraisers will get to put a pie in the face of a few volunteering teachers. I’ll be one of them…bring me a towel please! All money raised will go to cancer research.

As many of you know we have been talking about growth mindset in class. Recently students were asked to recreate this without any upfront instruction:

Here’s some of the language I heard while they were working:

After some perseverance, encouragement, and clues from others, a few were able to complete the task. Many others were close and I’m sure with more time, they too would have been successful.

The lessons: Positive talk and believing in yourself get you further. Believing you “can’t” ensures you will not succeed. Mistakes help you get closer to the correct way…we call these “beautiful mistakes.”

Today, we also added a lesson to our growth mindset discussions about the power of “YET.” When we struggle with something, we will no longer be saying “I can’t do this” or “I don’t get this.” Rather, we will be saying “I can’t do this YET” or “I don’t get this YET.”

In reading, we have been working on improving our  fluency with some readers theatre. Here are a few of our performers:

Here we are playing math games to practice comparing and ordering numbers. The greatest number wins the round!


Image result for prime meridian

As an add on to our learning about Canada’s political and physical regions, we have been learning about maps.

Students have read about the equator, the prime meridian, the northern and southern hemisphere’s, and western and eastern hemisphere’s. We have also been looking at the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) and the intermediate directions (NE, NW, SE, SW).

Talk to your child about which part of your house faces North, South, East, or West. Play “hot and cold” or “I spy”  like games by asking them to find something using the cardinal and intermediate directions. e.g. “I spy something North East of us that is purple.”  or “Stand in front of the fridge. Walk South. Stop. Now walk West. Stop. Now walk North East. What object are you standing at now?”

I grew up remembering the cardinal directions as “Never Eat Shredded Wheat.” The students informed me that they like to use, “Never Enter Stinky Washrooms.”

Image result for Canada and cardinal directions

Math Quiz

 Mrs. Davies learned that Google Forms offers a great way to build tests and quizes. To try this out, students used the Chromebooks or iPads to complete a multiple choice quiz to get a quick snapshot of there understanding of some of the major concepts we’ve covered over the past little bit. It was great because the students received immediate feedback of how they scored.


I was incorrect in thinking the test scores were released to their school issued Google Drive accounts. The results were sent to their school email accounts. Students have not yet used their email accounts this year. However if you ask your child to log onto “the HUB” at there is a button on the main screen that will take you to their email account.  There will be an email with a link to their quiz answers and results.


 Ask your child how they did. Here are the questions they were asked:
1. What statement is correct?
a) 4286 is greater than 4231
b) 4286 is less than 4231
c) 2468 < 7863
d) both a and c
2. Which answer shows the numbers ordered from least to greatest?
8971, 3498, 982, 20
3498, 8971, 20, 982
20, 982, 3498, 8971
20, 982, 8971, 3498
3. What is the sum of 28 + 46? Show your thinking in your math notebook.
4. What is the difference of 63 – 37?
5. I have two containers of milk. One is 400mL and one is 600mL. How much milk do I have all together?

Interview Schedule

I will be conducting interviews during the week of October 31-November 4. Please ensure you book a time to talk about your child. It is important that I speak with each family from our class.

If you did not return your request form, please open this file and add your child’s first name to one of the empty time slots that works best for you.

Thank you. I look forward to meeting with you.

Interview Schedule 

Interview Request Form – This was sent home October 27

Wonderful Trip Today

We had a wonderful trip today. Although cold, it was busy, fun, and full of great learning! Can’t wait to see what we do with all of our new findings in tomorrow’s discussion. We will discuss which questions from our previous inquiries have been answered and discuss what new questions we have. A special thank you to our volunteers for helping make this trip possible.

image image image image I’m image

Reading and Research Excitement

Late last week we had a guest speaker from our school boards library facilities come in and show us how to use the HWDSB virtual library. Through students can access the Hub where they will then have access to the virtual library and many online reading resources.


Here students will be able to search to see what books we have in our school library, as well as any electronic books and audiobooks that are available.

Our students were told they can access many resources through both the JK-3 resources, as well as the 4-8 resources. It is a good idea to look in both, as there is some overlap, but may be additional resources fitting their searches in each.

Using the eMax app through this library is a great way for students to quickly search the ebooks we have available. Students were given a sticker in their agendas that provides their library borrowing code.


We talked about some of the other great resources found through the virtual library that can be great for research. For example, Britannica School. These reading resources will always be reliable and current. This is much better for students than having to sort through the thousands of possibilities that might come up on on a Google Search.



The even better news!

Students can access all of this from home. All they need is their school log on information and library borrowing number. All of this I provided to them in their agendas. No longer is not having a lot of books at home a problem! If you have a device to read with, the possibilities for home reading are endless! Get started here. Just click on I am a student and then go the HUB.

Leave a note for your classmates in the comment section below this post to tell us about a great book or article you found through searching on the virtual library.