The Hub – Hosted by HWDSB. A place where we will do some of our work.  Click on the HUB icon after you enter the HWDSB student home page. Use the email and password Mrs. Davies gave you to log in.

the Hub

Google Drive – Where is store work and access Google Docs, Slides, etc. for much of our work. Use the email and password Mrs. Davies gave you to log in.

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New Prodigy accounts will be set up for the grade 6 students. Their login information will be in the front of their agenda. A letter also went home with this. Prodigy will help them practice math skills at their level. Mrs. Davies will sometimes program the game to ask more questions related to what we are learning. This is a great, fun way to practice math.

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Math Links:

Nelson Grade 6 Math


SoftSchools (Other subjects too!)

Math Worksheets 4 Kids

Literacy Links:

ABCya (math too!) (up to 5th grade – good for review)



Typing Club – Become a typing pro!

Research Links on Homework Philosophies (and why I don’t give much) 

Please note, in preparation to help them prepare for high school, I will give a little homework this year for the purpose of learning how to adhere to deadlines.