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Writing Personal Narratives

We have been working on Personal Narratives for the past few weeks now. We have been using personal narratives as a tool to work on many elements of our writing:

  • Using paragraphs
  • Using lots of detail to create a picture in our readers head (visualize)
  • Using adjectives (describing words) to add voice to our writing
  • Using transition words such as first, then, after, next, finally to organize and order our writing
  • Revising – This is when we make changes in our writing to add sections to improve our readers picture of what happened and to help them better understand how we felt. Revising is also taking out unimportant or repetitive detail
  • Editing – This is when we fix spelling, make sure things make sense, and check for capitals and periods

Currently, most students are typing up their finished product and we are conferencing about what they can do better on their next personal narrative story.

Check out all of the support resources for this and the marking rubric in the HUB.