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Classroom Happenings

We are continuing to have lots of fun in grade 4! The students have been commenting that they are noticing an increase in the work load and expectations now. Grade 4 is a big jump from grade 3, but they are coping well.

On September 28 everyone worked hard during our Terry Fox run. We fell a bit short of our school goal of $2000, so we will not be throwing tomatoes at Mr. Adams. However our schools top fundraisers will get to put a pie in the face of a few volunteering teachers. I’ll be one of them…bring me a towel please! All money raised will go to cancer research.

As many of you know we have been talking about growth mindset in class. Recently students were asked to recreate this without any upfront instruction:

Here’s some of the language I heard while they were working:

After some perseverance, encouragement, and clues from others, a few were able to complete the task. Many others were close and I’m sure with more time, they too would have been successful.

The lessons: Positive talk and believing in yourself get you further. Believing you “can’t” ensures you will not succeed. Mistakes help you get closer to the correct way…we call these “beautiful mistakes.”

Today, we also added a lesson to our growth mindset discussions about the power of “YET.” When we struggle with something, we will no longer be saying “I can’t do this” or “I don’t get this.” Rather, we will be saying “I can’t do this YET” or “I don’t get this YET.”

In reading, we have been working on improving our  fluency with some readers theatre. Here are a few of our performers:

Here we are playing math games to practice comparing and ordering numbers. The greatest number wins the round!