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Inquiry on Water


Over the past few weeks, we have been building up our inquiry program to dive into our research on clean water.

We have learned about asking good questions. These are “thick” questions that require deep thought and research to formulate an answer. This is different from a “thin” question that leads to one, easy to find, simple answer.

We have talked about all the places we can find information:

  • Books
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Magazine
  • Experts
  • Online/internet/Web – use different tools (Expert Space, Britanica School, Learn 360, etc.), be careful when using Google
  • Newspapers

We’ve talked about how to break our questions down into smaller sub questions and how to choose good search terms to help us get to those answers. As well…

How do we search?

  • What do you really need to know?
  • What are the key words?
  • Can you say it in a different way? (Where does our water come from? OR What is our water source?)
  • Try searching with many different words (e.g. dog OR puppy)
  • Try using the advanced search to say what you don’t want (NOT…)
  • Use the advanced search to write in the EXACT PHRASE you want or…
  • Put your EXACT PHRASE in quotations in the search bar
  • Use an asterisk to look for variations of a word e.g. Discover* will look at discover, discovery, discovered

Today, students refined their questions and many began the research process. Below is the list of questions that our class came up with. Each student has chosen one to look further into. Help your child at home by looking into video and news clips related to their question. This is a good way to do home reading. Many of our students need lots of support on learning how to take notes. This is a great thing to help them with at home. Any research done at home will be welcome at school.


Class 4A – Our Inquiry Questions

Where does our water come from?

Where does the water people use come from in other parts of our country or the world?

Why is there not enough water for everyone in some places?

Why can’t everyone get clean water?

What happens to us if we can’t get enough water?

How did the bacteria (in the Hamilton boil water video) get into the water?

Can the bacteria in the water spread?

What happens if people use water that has bacteria in it?

Will there be a solution to the problem with the infested water?

What is the Randle Reef Project?

How do we know the water in the sink is healthy water?

What are the effects of dirty water on land and animal resources?

What are the effects of the dirty water on the animals in the Cootes Paradise Marsh?

Is there anywhere else in Canada that has had a problem with unclean water? What’s being done?

If most of the world is made up of water, why is there not clean water for everyone?


The Inquiry Process