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Reading and Research Excitement

Late last week we had a guest speaker from our school boards library facilities come in and show us how to use the HWDSB virtual library. Through home.hwdsb.on.ca students can access the Hub where they will then have access to the virtual library and many online reading resources.


Here students will be able to search to see what books we have in our school library, as well as any electronic books and audiobooks that are available.

Our students were told they can access many resources through both the JK-3 resources, as well as the 4-8 resources. It is a good idea to look in both, as there is some overlap, but may be additional resources fitting their searches in each.

Using the eMax app through this library is a great way for students to quickly search the ebooks we have available. Students were given a sticker in their agendas that provides their library borrowing code.


We talked about some of the other great resources found through the virtual library that can be great for research. For example, Britannica School. These reading resources will always be reliable and current. This is much better for students than having to sort through the thousands of possibilities that might come up on on a Google Search.



The even better news!

Students can access all of this from home. All they need is their school log on information and library borrowing number. All of this I provided to them in their agendas. No longer is not having a lot of books at home a problem! If you have a device to read with, the possibilities for home reading are endless! Get started here. Just click on I am a student and then go the HUB.

Leave a note for your classmates in the comment section below this post to tell us about a great book or article you found through searching on the virtual library.